News: What It Truly Means to Be a Gray Hat

What It Truly Means to Be a Gray Hat

hello fellow hackers. in this article, i will tell you the "rules" i live by as a gray hat hacker. a gray hat hacker is, in theory, a hacker who makes the wrong decisions for the right reasons. an example of something typical gray hat would be to hack a company, and go report the vulnerability to them, even if you didn't have permission to do it. but i think being a gray hat is more than that. being a gray hat is kind of being the hero who doesn't follow the rules all the time. what i think a gray hat is is someone who uses their knowledge in the name of their own morals. so, here are those "rules" i talked about earlier.

  1. remain in plain sight. gray hats are not always welcome everywhere. so keeping a low profile is required to be a successful gray hat. make yourself as anonymous as possible. use I2P and TOR as much as possible. use fake emails, usernames, and whatnot. this may seem a little bit paranoid, but keep in mind that all of this can be used against you one day.
  1. just because you probably will act outside of the law, doesn't mean you can use your hacking for personal gain. this is maybe the most important rule to a gray hat. even if you act outside the law, it doesn't mean you can use your knowledge for your own personal gain. as a gray hat, you are there to use your hacking to help the rest of the world, not yourself.
  1. Knowledge is your weapon. a gray hat's weapon is a computer and it's bullet is knowledge. when you run into someone, both in real life or virtually, who seems to act like a fool, don't argue with them. educate them. do not raise your voice in a discussion, improve your point.
  1. Knowledge is also open source. knowledge is what makes us different from animals, and thus, denying it to someone else should be seen as a crime.
  1. Stay away from the innocent. simply don't involve anyone who doesn't have anything to do with something.

i think it is these 5 rules that define a gray hat. what do you think? do you agree/disagree? did i miss something? comment your opinion below!



Greetings, may I? :-)

  1. You are correct. My Twitter gets suspended all the time it seems now for no reason..
  1. Is more of a 'pseudo' white.
  1. I fly off the mudder freaking handle on dumb sheet.
  1. Disclose what needs to be if any and share with the team. Read about the grey who told the airport people he had just hacked his flight and wanted to disclose for safety? (Retracted & edited): (he was detained and released after many hours )He might be out of jail now maybe. (They are color blind)
  1. Stay in ur zone rule. Yeah but reach one teach one.

Ghost_ made a post about the various shades of hackers and this is a case where there are various shades of grey. The list is more of a light grey. I was thinking more like that few grey shades right before black starts. I may have swayed off topic in there some but that's the gist of it.

you are right. this is kind of my own mentality, which i think still falls under the category of gray.

this article was inspired by ghost's article btw.

and i didn't hear of the gray hat that hacked a flight. any links please? I'm interested




can i ask whats your opinion of the best socket libary in C++ ?

im looking for one to implement port scanners and network profilers etc...

for windows you could use the winsock library, for linux the normal socket library.

i'll be doing tutorials on sockets too in my series btw.

but if you are going to make port scanners, i would use scripting languages. they are simpler for this purpose and are usually fast enough. remember that you don't want to make port scanners too fast either! sockets in C/C++ are more useful to make computer viruses, like worms.

hope i helped


I prefer making my applications to do exploiting in C++ as I'm pretty advanced in it

Also should I just use a cross platform library like BOOST ASIO ?
From what I heard win sock gives people headaches also I Rodger cross compatibility

I'd rather not cross-platform, because it may give problems later on.

as for winsock, yeah i agree, it is a mindbreaker at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll love it.


what other libaries should i use to make network profilers or hacking interfaces or network sniffers mitm hacks etc
i got socket token care of(BOOST ASIO)
what other libaries are requires
also i could add a gui later on

Well said man. Looking forward for your post on sockets - hope it's a bit more advanced hehe.

my tutorials are meant for people who never programmed before. but sure, i promise, we will go more advanced soon enough. ;) after we covered getting user input, constants, the if statement, and all the various loops, we will go on to making that computer virus i talked about, which will include sockets

Basically, we pentest without permission, but for a good cause. At least that's the dictionary definition.

I always thought the textbook definition was anyone who isn't 100% perfect white hat Angels and also not evil complete black hat hackers. If you are anywhere in between you are considered gray.

White-hat isn't perfect, it's legal.

what I meant was perfect Angels so never doing anything illegal.

Damn dude, you are just churning out articles. Keep it up I suppose lol

i have nothing better to do, really xD


hope to become a gray hat one day

By learning the things we teach you.

Perfect #define.
Hope you have a nice day.

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