Forum Thread: 0-Days and Cracking Help.

All I'm asking for, is 3 questions answered, pretty basic, even the most basic of hackers might be able to answer these, depending on their skill level. Anyway, enough chit-chat.

What is a 0-day and how do you find them/make them?
What is the best way to hack webbased logins such as twitter?

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3 Responses

A zero day is a new exploit that is discovered and able to be taken advantage of near immediately.

You find them by sifting through code, looking for ways that the code can interact in a way that it is not meant to, and not anticipated.

The best, most efficient way to hack web-based logins, is through spear phishing.

Spear phishing is a very precise, very directed social engineering attack. Quite often rather sophisticated.

Also, I want to note that reconnaissance is key to any hack.


I'd add that 0-day exploits are those not yet patched by the developer, thus they are 0 days old in relevancy, therefore the name.

-The Joker

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