Forum Thread: Already Using Tor for Browser, How Do I Use It for My Terminal Commands?

Hey fellas, I set up Tor using the source code from their website and I configured Iceweasel to run a proxy through port 9050. Everything is working good with that, but I have a question:

How can I set my terminal commands to run through Tor? Do I need to use proxychains? If so, how would I configure proxychains? Just enter something along the lines of how I configured Iceweasel?

Thanks in advance, my fellow pupils

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Hello Wir3d,
I am just wondering. If you use just Tor to pipe out your commands then your ISP should be able to track it.

Until packets with your command will reach first Tor relay they will flow across the network unencrypted. So ISP just fallow your logs and will see your target and command.

Wondering about using VPN client then start Tor proxy daemon and then proxychaining commands through it.
Any other thoughts? :)

Yes, if you did it that way then you would hide your Tor usage from your ISP. The first entry node for Tor also sees the VPN IP instead of yours. This I can see only being really necessary for 2 reasons:

1. You are doing something against the law
2. Someone has tapped your ISP and is watching you

Tor is pretty hard to trace for somebody other than the NSA, and if you aren't doing anything that threatens national security, I doubt using Tor alone would cause you much problems.

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