Forum Thread: Tor Browser- Is It a VPN?

Is it a vpn I'm confused? If I play games on my laptop with other people on servers will the admins be able to see my real ip? Or does the tor browser only protecting you while your browsing or does it also protect you when you're not browsing. Like if I'm just playing on a server, without the tor browser open, will I be protected? If you guys have any questions feel free to ask because what I said was confusing. Thanks! :)

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TOR is not a VPN...VPN would create a secure tunnel between you and the target server. If you use VPN there is a chance that someone might find your ip address at the endpoint whereas TOR it is impossible...but i heard both could be monitored by NSA...sorry for my english...

Don't worry about it man it was perfect 10/10 thanks alot for your help!! <3

Dude, it is absolutly NOT impossible to get your IP when using TOR. It only helps to get anonymous; without another VPN added it is not as secure as many people think...

TOR only protects you when you're using it to browse the Internet. It is not a VPN, but rather an anonymizer. When browsing the Internet using tor, your real ip address is hidden. If you're looking to be anonymous while playing on a server, what you need is a VPN. It will also keep you anonymous when you browse the internet. There are free and professional versions available. Don't ask which is best because it will insight a never-ending debate over who keeps logs. Personally, I have Private Internet Access and love it. It's super cheap and you can use it from multiple devices where the other charge you per account.

I see...Thank you so much! :D

You 'can use TOR for playing games if you set the TOR-network as proxy, but I really don't recommend it. For example your Ping will suck!

Tor is a web browser that encrypts your traffic through various "nodes".

Your IP can be found if any of these nodes are compromised.

The TOR-browser is a Webbrowser. TOR in general is a network which can be used for surfing the web with a normal Firefox, Chrome, etc... TOR is not only the browser! Only when the entry and exit node is compromised your IP can be detected... I think I have to make an article about TOR...

TOR and VPN are different products / services but both should be able to protect your privacy. TOR routes your connection by using TOR network that is supposed to be secure.

The VPN instead will create a tunnel between your computer and the VPN server. That is why all your Internet connections will use the VPN server. So after you connect to the VPN server, all your browsers, chat clients and other applications will use the VPN. This means a lot for your privacy.

While using the VPN, the download speed will be superior to TOR in most of the cases. While using a VPN you can select the server that you will use, you will be able to test the speed and decide if it fits your needs. TOR creates a circuit automatically and you cannot (easily) decide which exit node to use.

Great, complete and right explanation!

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