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Hi! I'm going to finish my 10th grade and I'm looking forward to join a computer science course in my 11th grade.

I've always wanted to become a good and highly skilled hacker who protects fellow people from cyber threats.

I've seen all those hacker stereotypes in movies and I got highly inspired by that. Especially Mr. Robot. But I don't know where to start.

I want to become an ethical hacker. Google just unveiled its cybersecurity firm called "Chronicle" and I just got really excited about that and I want to join them.

I've seen many blog posts, articles and videos about how to become an ethical hacker. Some state that one has to understand Linux and networking basics. And the others state that one has to learn scripting languages and many other things.

I'm good at using smartphones and computers. I like to game mostly. But I don't know how to start learning in a step - by - step process towards an ethical hacking career. I'm very much confused on what education I should pursue. Computer Science or Information Technology, M. E or M. Tech. I'm looking forward to start a cybersecurity company in the near future.

So, it would be very much appreciated if someone helped with the basic and beginner step - by - step process learning towards an ethical hacking career.


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Well, you wont actually need scripting or programming language if you're just beginning although having them would help you a lot . You do need to have networking basics like understanding how TCP connection works and having an idea of which ports are used by services. You can start by reading few books online, and keep reading the articles here. And yes, you will need Linux distro.

Thank you very much, Tyler!

But I don't have a laptop or a PC to work with. Also I don't know any programming languages. So what do I do?

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