Forum Thread: can i save files on linux 2.0 CD.

hey i have Laast kali linux 2.0 booted from a CD. but now I have the problem that I can store anything I should just use a usb to opteslaan or can it simply store the OS files.

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If you are planning to modify your system and programs settings, keep your distro up to date and create your own scripts, I suggest you look into USB booting with persistence.

I use live CDs only on very old computers that can't boot from USB, otherwise usb boot + persistence is the most convenient way to run you linux distros, otherwise your only way to save your files is use the internal hard disk or another usb key, but you still won't be able to save system settings and updates (yeah, you could make a script for it and load each time.. but it's a pain when you can just solve it with a 5 bucks usb key)

i alraedy have a usb but id wont to boot the usb so thats why i usa a cd.
so i wil just use my usb to save files

thanks TRIPHAT

Is it a REALLY old computer ? I found that there is almost always a way to boot from usb by tinkering with the settings. Sometimes there is no direct usb boot option available, but in 'hard disk priority' you will see your usb key on bottom of the list, so just bring it up and your hard disk boot will become usb boot.

Ultimately, you can get your flash drive recognized as a regular hard disk by messing with a few bits, or making another small partition.

Try harder, your effort will be worth it.

no i dont mean i cant boot t because its a old pc i dont want to change the ntfs to exfat32 or that i get the problem that i had before whit that the maximum storage change to really low storage i mean i have a EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE of 500GB and before its have changed to 60 mb and lost all of my files. i can do it but really like this cd more. :)

I see... well if you didn't overwrite your disk too much, you can easily recover all your data with programs like 'getdataback for ntfs' (there are tons like that, this is just my favourite..). I would not install kali on a 500gb hd myself, but I would still advise you to invest 5-6$ in a 8gb usb key and boot kali from there. If you like the CD version, you will love the usb persistent one.

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