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I was reading these forums and how-to for like 1 month now. And I feel like I want to try some things finally. But I have Windows since my first computer days so I don't really know much about what Linux should I download. I see there a lot tutorials for Kali 2.0 but should I as a newbie download that?

Or what Linux should I download? when I'm just starting and I want to try things like getting Wi-Fi passwords, trying to hack one of my emails. Trying to hack into my second PC and stuff like that...

Please don't shout on me if I'm pissing you off, save your time and ignore this.
Thanks for all helpful comments and sorry for my bad English.

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Ubuntu is newbie-friendly. you should try it. it has a nice graphical interface, and you can install most of the pentesting tools that you need

Kali 2.0 would help you being the "noob" you describe yourself as. Mainly because it will have most of the tools you need to get started pre installed in the distro. However if you want to take the more customizeable route I would recomend Ubuntu/Debian/Arch to start from scratch and then install all the tools as you need them.

That way you get experience installing the tools as well as using them. But once agian that comes down to you and your preferance.

I strongly suggest that you download and install Kali. That's what we use here on Null Byte. It has all the tools already installed, so you don't have to and it will make following the tutorials easier.

Don't worry about asking questions. Null Byte is newbie friendly. No shouting allowed.

agree with OTW, kali linux can be your next best friend...

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Depends on your preference mainly. Check guides about different LInux OSes, and see which one are you comfortable with.
Debian- Kali/Parrot
Arch- ArchAssault/BlackArch
Gentoo- Pentoo

I have something for you I found online here.

-The Joker

You can easily download Kali as a virtual machine to be used in virtual box or vm ware. The plus side to that is that you can't mess up your computer by partitioning your drive (if you do decide to partition your drive you should always back up your files). Personally I have Kali on virtual box and also on a bootable USB.

Whaaat I hear about that for the first time. Are there any How-to about that too? Or do you have any specific website with tutorial?


There are tutorials here on installing Kali as dual boot, Kali as VM, Kali on a smartphone, etc. Use the search window above to find the tutorials you need.

That's right, but isn't that true about any distro?

I mean, there are even some distros like TAILS that come exclusively for external media. So that isn't a plus point for Kali.

Yup, always see to it that no important data is lost while partitioning your drive. The chance for it to be successfully recovered is not very bright, and you can end looking like a fool.

-The Joker

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