Forum Thread: Coming Up Next:Kali Linux 2.0(Release:11/8/15)

If you have visited Kali Linux website recently, You have Certainly seen the new post:Kali Linux 2.0 Release Day Scheduled which is pretty much exciting! Here's the Link:Kali Linux 2.0

PS: What is gonna change?what are the New Features?

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I have to say, Its quite cool. The new UI looks like Ubuntu. Hope its not that big in size. Ok and now i guess Kali is user friendly.

Nah, that's debian. :3

EDIT: Just finished watching. I can say, Yea, I'm excited for the use of the full Debian interface. (the one we use now is a really stripped down version) I'm also excited for a new penetration distro that I can review to continue my ongoing series! :D. And last, but most certainly not least, I'm kind of afraid that if I were to install Kali 2.0, would it erase all of the installed applications and all of my written files on the current kali distro? Or will they push an update through their repos?

I think we can still have our files and settings since apt-get dist-upgrade upgrades the system but still keeps our files. Anyway, thats not my decision to make.

I like the GUI but I care about the juice. It looks a lot faster loading MS console but its not enough. I need to taste it, I ment test it :P

Oh the pleasure I will have formating and cleaning my HDD.


I think i need to plus my RAM(2GB) to 3GB.
But i hope i don't need to do that.
Waiting for KALI !!2015 AUGUST 11th!!!!
Hope you have a nice day!

speaking about release dates, does anyone know when windows 10 is official released, i got the little windows "icon" - that means it will install it when its avaible. But I got it for a long time ago, when is it released?!

Hacker, Win10 will be officially released on the 29th of July, so you won't have to wait too long. Good thing is: They'll continously provide updates for W10 over who-knows-how-long.

Hope this helped, stay safe out there. ;)

i have used it nearly two month, it has some bug,suck as armitage,msfconsole.

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