Forum Thread: How to Sms with Kali Linux 2.0

Is there any way to sms or call into any mobile number with Kali linux 2.0 using internet.

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Use free SMS services . These days there are lots of online services that allow you to send a few messages for free when you register. Make sure you don't use an email id which is linked to you. I would suggest you get a new one or 'borrow' one from your friends who you just don't know yet. Buy a laptop from flee market, install fresh kali 2.0, encrypt the drives, change your mac, use a hacked wifi connection ( preferably not nearby to the places you often go or stay or that has cameras). use tor to access the website and send those messages. (use gloves and what not all the time so as not to leave any bio-identifications). After you are done, delete logs from the hacked router, walk out of the place, make sure no-one saw you (including cameras) destroy the laptop (melt it), destroy the gloves and what not. don't mention all this to anyone.

This should keep you anonymous, or atleast make it so hard for them to find you that it'll not be worthwhile.
This is if you are level: paranoid.

Stay out of trouble my friend.

AHAH this was the best waste of time to advice somebody to stay out of trouble. Good post sir!

And Arpit Pandey you are doing so many question, why don't you search a little bit for what you want.

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