Forum Thread: Kali Linux 2.0 Sana

Greetings !

Kali Linux 2.0 Sana's release date is scheduled for 11 August 2015

What Are Your Thoughts and Opinions ?

Or the features you want to see in the next iteration of Kali.

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7 Responses

im so exciting about new kali linux.I version of program new software new design ....

I hope my RAM won't plus to 3GB on VMware.
Hope you have nice day here,RedPanda98.

All I have seen from the promo video and some small articles is Ruby 2 (That is a thing?) and a new interface. Am I missing anything?

When they are talking about Ruby 2, they are referring to the updated programming interface for Ruby 2.0. Ruby is a programming language used in a lot of pen testing tools. It was always such a pain to upgrade Ruby 1.93 to Ruby 2.0 in Kali. You'd have to update all your repositories several times and download RVM and it was always difficult. Thank god Ruby 2.0 is already native so I don't have to redo all that garbage.

im curious to try it out, but agree with phoenix..newer isnt always better

i like kali linux but honestly the new kali linux 2 sana is a big disappointing os because it has a lot of bugs and issues

and i didn't like the applications menu the previous virsion of app menu was more user friendly

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