Forum Thread: Can't Put My Network Card into Monitor Mode

Ok...I'm using Kali 2.0. A few days ago, in an attempt to hack an asshole neighbor's Wifi password, airmon-ng gave me rage quit. Instead of putting my wifi card into mon0 and wlan0 seperated, it put my card into wlan0mon! airodump-ng couldn't recognize it get the idea. Can't kill it, either. airmon-ng said that I was attempting to kill something that wasn't monitor mode and blah blah blah. I looked up the Internet and the result were quite disappointing. Can anyone help me with that issue? I would be very thankful

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First things first, when you ask a question do so with good grammar and more professionally. People will take you more seriously and be more willing to help. Next since update 1.1a of Kali Linux airmon has always put your device as wlanXmon. I posted an article with a similar problem and got an answer that should help you. It's been a problem with Kali 2 I suggest going back to 1.1 as it's more stable. Have a good day.

First off, your card isn't supposed to split between wlan0 and mon0.
With the new version of the aircrack-suite, the card you choose will automatically be renamed as wlanXmon.

Where did you get the idea that the card would split?

you dont have to do anything with wlan0 after you put it into monitor mode :/

i'll suppose your network card is wlan0mon, do the following:
airmon-ng start wlan0
ifconfig wlan0mon down
iwconfig wlan0mon mode monitor
ifconfig wlan0mon up
airodump wlan0mon
good to go, i know your done with this but i've put this for people hoes googling help so they can find this

Hey guys i would appreciate if someone would help me out ! I have tl-wn722n and when i try to put it in monitor mode it cuts off directy and i would have to reboot to get a wifi connection any suggestions on how i could make it work ?thank u

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