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Hey there, I hope im right here.

So, I have set up a windows XP guest on my main PC (win10) so I can test and practice exploit from my laptop(Kali).

The problem is, that WinXP in Virtual box has the same IP address as the host computer(win10). How do I change this or somehow else target the Virtualbox instead of my host PC?

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I think you would have to change the network setting of the vm to "network bridge" (or "bridged", dont really know what its called in english) and - the name says - bridge your network card. I dont know if and how this works, i had just heared about that a few weeks ago

jemand7 said it good, change it to bridged. here is a problem, and dont get me wrong, in order to be hacker, you need to learn, to learn a lot, its not just firing up kali and typing commands, you really need to understand what you are doing, you need to know about networks(this is where you would find about bridged network), operating systems, programming and a lot more. dont get me wrong, but im just trying to help you, to get the best results

Hey there. I know that, I do have basic knowledge and I can write a little Python and html (i know its almost nothing) but it sometimes is really hard because I dont know what to do next to effectively learn it. Anyways, thanks for the answer.

the best advice would be, when you are using some tool, lets say nmap to scan open ports or to see if ip is alive you should try to code that in programming language which you prefer, i personally like python the most. this will give you great knowledge, you will learn about sockets etc...

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