Forum Thread: Command:Modprobe -L Doesn't Work,Why?

as the pic shows...

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4 Responses

The error message is clear, modprobe don't understand the option '-l', type modprobe -h to see the available options.

Your syntax is wrong, check it. You can see additional information on the man page typing man modprobe.

The -l switch to the modprobe command has been deprecated. You can use the following one-liner I whipped up to perform the same action in addition to displaying which modules are currently loaded. It outputs everything to a file called /tmp/modules.out:

find /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel -type f -printf '%f\n' | sort | while read mod;do [ $(lsmod | grep -c ${mod/.ko/}) -ge 1 ] && echo "$mod (loaded)" || echo "$mod";done | tee /tmp/modules.out

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