Forum Thread: "Pip" Command in Cmd Is Not Recognized

So as i wrote in the video, I cant use the "Pip" command in cmd to install stuff to python. I looked it up on, and saw that i should select the path where "pip" is located, if i should be able to use it in command prompt.

Any idea why it doesnt work? It was the right path...Right?

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Try in the path putting an .exe at the end of your pip path also remove the quotes. I don't know much about windows paths but that does look good. Any other ideas?

trying with a correct path worth a shot

Hello black cat for this problem its just a simple change in what you have been doing.

Dont add pip to path, download this file
Now extract this folder and Copy this folder to Folder Python27 in C:/ drive.

now open command prompt and write this code
" cd C:/Python27 /mechanize-0.2.5" and press enter and now you can use pip command.

P.S. I think your Python27 folder is in C:/ drive or change it according to your PC.

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