Forum Thread: How to DDos Ip Address

Hello i have a some questions that i would like an answer for!

First of all i am new to hacking and wanting to learn the basics and the easiest fastest way. so here is a list of questions,

  1. Whats is the best program used for ddosing
  2. What is the easiest fastest way to learn hacking/programming
  3. How to get someone's ip address

Thats it these were my questions i hope i get an answer soon, Thank you.

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2 Responses

There is no shortcut to learning. Put in the hard yards.

Also a DDoS is simply clogging up a web server with traffic so that legitimate traffic cannot go through. You need a few thousand zombies to send hundreds of packets to the server.

It is illegal and I can guarantee that you will be caught.



A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack), is among the most famous and easiest tools us hacktivist use. You also can't take a Shortcut in programming or hacking. You need to learn the skills first. Also, ByteDDoS is the #1 most used DDoSing software, I believe. Although, you can do what I did and custom make it. I am currently using recursive DNS servers, SSDP and NTP amplifiers, so my boot/DDoS Attack, will never get traced back to me. And, while you can always trace everything and anything, this just clearly makes it harder. VPN's are also suggested if you want to get into hacking. I suggest you first learn PHP, C++ and HTML. Those are the best coding languages in my opinion. If you want to code a booter don't code it in Java, since Java always shows your actual IP, even if you're using a VPN. Although, you can always take the easy way and use an online DDoSing Service/Network Stressing Service/Booting Service.

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