Forum Thread: How can i slow down or DDOS an the internet of an IP Adress???

Hey, I wanted to know how I can slow down my internet from my friend or DDOSsen. I did a lot of research on the internet, also about the ping of death metode (which is probably very bad) but there were a lot of unnecessary answers. Many thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Write some botnet malware
  2. Learn computer networking and programming, multiple scripting languages to make yourself a threat to companies networks, learn penetration testing, malware analysis and dissasembly, obfusication via encrypted stagers
  3. build a C2 server, a script to manage configurations, a webserver to spoof a webpage as a legit site, and to serve as a proxied pivot point to keep your tracks hard to follow and not in your personal home computers memory for computer forensics to breeze through.
  4. run recon on the target for misconfigurations
  5. find a way to leverage the misconfiguration and package it into a exploit
  6. add that exploit into the botnet malware and then start sitting in coffee shops and sniffing network traffic to build up the botnet and then you can bombard the IP you want to slow down to a screech (NOTE: I DO NOT ENCOURAGE DOING THIS)

And about a mile more of things have fun it'll take a few months to years to get it under your hood; my advice learn programming and the basics before you dive into Distributed denial of service attacks their is a lot of active filtering you have to know how to evade

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