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Hi guys! I have been wondering about something with Metasploit. When I download Metasploit, it asks for the port, days of validity, and server name, what does this mean for my router? Will it cost extra? Will it show up as a opened port on the router? Sorry if this sounds newbie, I am new to this, and I would like help so I can get better.

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Are you setting it up in Windows?


Sorry about the double post, something went wrong when I posted, making me think it was not submitted.


The hacks in my tutorials are all running Metasploit in BackTrack on Linux. To follow them, you are best to either setup your system with VMWare and run BackTrack as a virtual machine on Win 7 or create a dual boot system where you can either boot into Win 7 or Back Track.

Back Track includes Metasploit and I think you will find the tutorials much easier to follow. In addition, some of my future tutorials will be using other tools from BackTrack.


i use ubuntu 12.04 and is running perfectly, anyway i chose 4.6

It does work well on Ununtu 12.04, or for that matter, any version of linux.

Hey i need help. Im using ubuntu 12.04. I installed metasploit but there is no database connected and i dont know how to do that.

Please help.
-Thank you


The database is not necessary, but helps Metasploit run faster. To get the postgreSQL data to install, you need to install Metasploit as root. Try installing it again, but make certain you are logged in as root.


i need to ask u that..can i setup metasploit using mobile broadband...i've both linux as well as windows...plz tell me

n sir one last question about there any other program ,other than nexpose which can check vulnerability status in my pc n work along with metasploit


There are lots of vulnerability scanners. Nessus, Retina, Languard, etc. but they work outside of Metasploit. You certainly can run them from the same OS (BackTrack), but not inside Metasploit.


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