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Hey guys, I have one problem with the social toolkit. I've made a powershell and made .bat file out of it, when I send it to my LAN computers it works perfect, but when I send it to my friends PC to test it out it doesn't connects to my IP address (to my pc), I don't have it in my sessions.

I'm using Kali linux over VirtualBox and I'm creating Powershell Attack Vectors / Alphanumeric
>setting the correct LHost
>setting the correct LPort

and then using handler exploit to view the sessions. As I said when I used it on my desktop PC (Windows) it works, but when my friend use it on his PC who's outside LAN it doesn't detects it. :S

Any solutions?

Thank you in advance

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Of course it doesn't work. In networking there is something called NAT.

That's is used to counter the IPv4 network addresses shortage. So IPv4 standard define 3 addresses block that are considered as private and not routable over the WAN (typically is not routable).

Then how does web site communicate with your browser when your host is hidden in your LAN with a private address ? It's done through the NAT. Your router has both a private address with an interface on the LAN and a public address on an interface reachable from Internet. And you communicate with a website, your router translate all source private address with its public address for host->webserver packet like a Man-in-the-Middle and vice versa convert destination public address to private address.

So the solution for your problem is to build a server with a public IP address reachable from Internet to handle the your Kali Linux that is running your script.

Hey mate, thank you for your answer! :)

By the way, i've set NAT network but it gave me a weird IP address like can you please provide me a step by step detail on how to create it? Also do I need vmware tools?

thank you in advance :)

Building a server requires knowledge I don't have, sorry.

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