Forum Thread: How to Gather Information on a Mac Adress Without Being in the Same Wireless Network


I know how to put my wifi interface into monitor mode and how to use airodump-ng to gather information on the mac adresses that access an AP. But the mac adresses are not realy expressive. Even if I know that an iPhone and a PC are connected to the AP, I would still not know which of the MAC adresses is assossiated with the devices. HELP! Thanks in advance

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So, I guess that it is only possible to get the Vendor name from the mac adress and every thing else (OS guessing from open ports etc.) is only possible if I am logged in to the network?

I am a IT trainee in my third and last year, but there are still many things I only have realy realy basic knowledge of. Sadly, most things concerning networks are part of that...

Am I right in thinking that if I am not connected to the AP (4way handshake, PSK etc.), the only communication possible is in the first and second lowest OSI layer? (Which would mean that there are no IP adresses or ports)

for the first question sometimes you can guess OS by only knowing the vendor for example Apple is iOS and ...
and for the second one you are correct


So an MAC-Address associated to vendor Apple is always a mobile device by Apple, because a Macbook or a iMac would have a Intel Chip.

Thank you very much. Do you know of any command line tool which can lookup the MAC like the website you linked?

Greetings from Germany.

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