Forum Thread: How to Get Router PIN?

How to Get Router PIN?

I have the wifi password of my neighbour's router. Now I need to get the PIN of the router so that in case he changes the password, I'll be able to crack the newly set password through the PIN. I could have retrieved it through the default gateway IP but there's a dialogue box demanding username and password. I've tried all possible combinations but none of them works.

So, is there a way to get the PIN provided you know the WiFi password?

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Having just the wifi password is not enough to get the pin, you either try some reaver / pixie dust, or you crack that router password.

Router hardly log wrong logins, nor throttle it, so you could fire up some hydra and try from the most common router passwords to whole wordlists.

If you know brand / model of the router, it's easy to google search the default credentials, if not, you can try the WPA key as the password. Usually, admin's user name is not modifiable, just the password is.

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