Forum Thread: What Would Cause You to Be Able to Hack a Wifi Using Reaver Then After Reloading the Kali Os It Can't Crack It

what would cause you to be able to hack a wifi using reaver with pixie then after reloading the kali os it can't crack it anymore?

I use to be able to crack my router password easily using reaver with pixie, then something happened and i had to reload the kali os on my laptop same version and everything. Tried to hack my wifi same procedure but it returned wps pin not found. No matter what i do it cant crack the wifi again and nothing has changed in the router all router settings are the same. I is very strange this is happening

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why is this happening

Hi Lee, I think you answered your own question, at least to a degree...

If you are sure that your neighbour's... I mean your router/Wifi AP settings are exactly the same and that none of you, another user on your network or your router itself have updated the router firmware, the answer has to be your 'new' Reaver/Pixie install/setup in Kali, right?

Try purging and reinstalling Reaver/Pixie or using Pixie by itself and/or in conjunction with something other than Reaver, say Fluxion or Wifite, to try to isolate whether it is Pixie that is pooping the bed or if it is Reaver failing to implement the pixie switch/function properly.

More info on the failure would help - use verbose and debug switches when you run it. Does Pixie sit there and crank out some, 5,000 or all possible WPS pin combos before reporting "PIN not found"? Or, like Pixie with my router after the router auto-updated itself with the latest firmware (2 months ago), does it fail immediately saying "PIN not found"? My ISP pushed a Pixie Dust fix firmware update I didn't even know about and, like you, I went from being able to pwn it with Pixie to getting the "PIN not found" failure in 5 seconds literally overnight.

Good luck!

it seems its the isp pixie fixed that was pushed out since i am able to use pixie on other routers and it cracks the password.

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