Forum Thread: How to Hack a Target (Android-Windows System ) On Wifi Network ?

first: my english is bad ,sorry for this bug .

i hacked a wifi pass and join this network , scan and find all system on wifi network .now , how to hack this system on wifi network ?

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You said you already hacked and got access to the system through the WIfi! what's your question excatly

access all system on a wifi network .

hello mirage . Do you know the operating systems in this network ?
you can do a nmap scan (add the variable - o ) to check the systems .

if you find an xp operating in the network , you can use the NETAPI exploit in Metasploit . but for windows 7/8/8.1/10 i'm afraid you must you use a payload , then some social engineering to compromise the victims computer . let me know about your progression

P.S : my english is not better than yours lol

no xp ,
android 4 to up and win7,8 .

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