Forum Thread: "How Can I Hack My Neighbour's WPA2 Wifi Router by Using an Android Device Only.?"

Good day' to 'Anyone'. I'm from Philippines, and I am new here in the community. But recently, I already read some of the articles these fast few days regarding "Wi-Fi Hacking". Actually, I'd been saving and coping the articles I'm intersted for offline readings and as text files,. and I'm very grateful that I discover this site with these teachings.

You know., It's been a long time I'm researching and studying just to find a way how to have a free or instant internet access by 'hacking' (sharing) neighbor's Wifi network(s) (only wifi',. and nothing else), or in other source if there's any. Actually, I learn one technique,. but it's really weak and unstable., and sometimes, useless. It is hacking Wifi through it's "default password" (only).. and poorly, only one network type I am very familiar, –PLDTs (that is PLDTHOMEDSL and PLDTMyDSL, only.). No "cracking" or any other method,. just typing skills and memorization.. I use Wifi Analyzer app to see the AP list within range, their signal strength, and their IP address. Then, I'll just gonna try to input the password on the possible "default AP" based on the network's default password format, and AP's IP address is very important. But of course, only few are reckless or unmindful of their network security. Like in our place,. I'd already scan almost our whole village and it's neighbor village just to find a good "wifi spot" to hack and be connected., but the're only about 10 Wifi networks I'd been connected to anywhere around, and 5 of these already change their passwords –mostly, maybe notice some slowness on loading when in daytime, and some, notice me directly on their area.. : The other spots,. some are far, some are hard to connect in signal, and some are uneasy to stay behind as you would become suspicious. So currently only now '1 Wifi' I am holding to,. and hoping that it would not gone too.

About the resources,. things that I have is only two Android device tablet capable of internet connection (I'm not sure if these are already rooted), three small capacities 1-4GB SD cards, and one device charger. : We have no internet connection 'coz.. for now, we can't afford to have our own. I'm still in college,. and I just have no enough budget for it, nor my parents. That's why, I'm doing anything to find a way how we could have internet connection and be online anytime, and that is.. nowadays is very important, especially for my studies and school researches. So even to wakeup in midnights just to sneak out and try to connect anywhere possible, or in my spot outside our village, even sometimes it's very risky to go at night.. no choice, specially when really have important projects.

I try to post here in forum to ask 'Anyone' (esp. Those Authors) for any advise or techniques that I could learn and may use for Wifi hacking only using my 'Android device' tablet and maybe some tool apps that you know if there is.. and hopefully will resolve my problem.

_ I hope, someone may response on this my "SOS" message and looking forward for any straight-help anyhow,. for as now a beginner fan learner of this blog site. Thank you guys.

..Ay'., I just want to add this info: To be particular for my target router, it is "WPA2" in security; PLDTHOMEDSL; and I'd been once connected to this router just in front of our house when it was still in "default", but fortunately they've changed it. Hope this helps. Thanks a lot Everyone!

~ Tr0J0hn

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It is nearly impossible to hack even a WPA protected wifi let alone WPA2.
Android does not have the necessary tools to hack wifi.

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