Forum Thread: Hack Cheating Wife's Windows 7 Admin Password

I suspect my wife is cheating on me and I want to find out how much she's not telling me. I know she uses Facebook and Twitter to message him. She's locked everything up, her laptop, droid phone (via fingerprint), email accounts, etc. She does have a Guest account open on her laptop and leaves it home when she goes to work so I have all the time I need on it. I think she may have a keylogger or other antispyware on her laptop so I don't want to tip my hand that I have hacked her password.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Get Kon-Boot. Pretty cheap, extremely useful.

I also get more information after reading this article but i have another issue which is reakltrd to my windows system, whenever i tried to install the latset version of windows 10 then it shows an error windows defender error 577, so i want a solution how to remoev this error.

I agree with what Phoenix said but as for the key logger if you boot into a like version of Kali Linux then you could mount the hard drive and corrupt the files that are used by the key logger breaking it. You could also hijack cookie sessions, use SSLStrip and MitM, place a metasploit payload on the computer. There are tons of helpful tutorials here on Null Byte. Now I'm not advocating that Null Byte should be used to break into other peoples stuff, I'm just saying that if you wanted to learn more about computers and breaking into things you have came to the right place.


They forgot to mention if she goes left field on you she can prosecute you for cyber crimes against her, if you breach the laptop and view anything or install malicious items.

Do you have definitive proof of this? or is this speculation based on habit, mental or physical change? or based on assumption of guilt?

If there is no trust then there is no relationship period. It is just two people dealing with each other and plotting. A relationship built on trust, respect and friendship has no locked anythings or even a need to feel like you need to. IMHO

Way TMI in this next section so I deleted it.

Thank you to those who have shared some tips and knowledge. I didn't really come here looking for relationship advice though. If I wanted relationship advice, I would have asked Dr. Phil. I came here to learn about technology to stay one step ahead of her. Isn't that why a lot of you do this? So you can try to exploit weaknesses in technology? To try to stay one step ahead of the game? To outsmart the guy next to you? Doesn't it kind of feel good to be ahead of the game? Well, that's what I want to do here. My wife feels like she's getting over on me and my family. I'd like to gain the knowledge to stay ahead of her, to know what she's doing, to not buy into her lies and head games. It would give me great satisfaction and peace of mind to know for myself what's going on .

As for the Windows 7 hack, is there a way I can "know" what the password is, instead of changing it? If I change it, then that won't do me much. I need to create a "backdoor" password I can use at my leisure.

Thanks in advance.


We are obligated to post disclaimers in case you go left field and we the people get bumped for your actions.. Sorry we were trying to save you from unneeded issues if you get picked off. But OK. Don't blame us either. Moving on to your fix.

Sounds like she knows InfoSec better than you, tread carefully in your actions. Cause and effect in play.

You can use my W7 hack and add another admin to Your PC and do as you wish... or you can dump your hashes and bang away with a cracker. No need to be long winded. So many ways its absurd really.

P.S. DR P is useless.

I share the same views of Phoenix750 and cyberhitchhiker, but since you are here for tech help, here's my 2 tech cents:

Your best shot to remain unnoticed is to boot linux from usb or dvd, press F12 at boot (or whatever to change boot device on the run, do NOT permanently change on bios) and browse her folder from there. You can then copy browser cache, see documents, look for installed programs and in particular antivirus, keylogger, antispyware, etc...

If she already installed a keylogger, all her moves are recorded anyway. Just download same kelogger to a computer you own and learn how it works, how it communicates to his 'master' (might be email, ftp, local storage ...) where the config is kept, and if /what kind of encryption is used to hide the strokes. Once you figure out, it will be just a little effort to keep yourself updated with whatever she does with her pc and remain fully unnoticed.

Same goes for Antivirus, with the difference that you would be 'active' and might get caught later. See what AV she uses, download it on another pc, keep it tight settings and keep it updated. Then you can try downloading / writing your own surveillance tool and see if it goes past the av. Then you can try the delivery by jacking her network traffic, finding unsafe autoupdating programs / spywares, rogue usb keys...

If she's monitoring her pc, finding the password would be no use, as you will leave clear trails.

I'd recommend dual booting to an OPHCrack CD and hope her password is pretty weak. If that fails, dual boot to Kali Linux and run OPHCrack again to get the SAM file, then run it against a HASHCAT brute force or dictionary attack. If THAT fails, use a phishing attack via the Social Engineering toolkit to fake a Facebook login page, have her enter the password by sending the link to it, get the password, both check the faebook and try to log in with the captured credentials.

Well, you may use the Ophcrack. It is a free open source (GPL licensed) program that cracks Windows log-in passwords by using LM hashes through rainbow tables. The program includes the ability to import the hashes from a variety of formats, including dumping directly from the SAM files of Windows. On most computers, ophcrack can crack most passwords within a few minutes.

It shows the password of all Windows accounts, and by the fact it reads the SAM file, this means that it also reads the passwords of the accounts for the other Windows versions, ie 8, 8.1 and 10. This process is invasive, however there is the possibility to clear the current password of the user account, leaving it blank.

Ophcrack is present in almost all distros used for penetration testing, forensics, etc. There are many tutorials on the web. And there remains only the ethical question of using it or not.

I think hack it and destroy all evidence . it is something that a true hacker would do. but reconsider the relationship too.

> I know she uses Facebook and Twitter to message him. She's locked everything up, her laptop, droid phone (via fingerprint)

If she uses Facebook and Twitter, she likely has the mobile apps for them as well. If so, there's an easy hack to find out what's going on there.

Get her phone when she's asleep and put her finger to the reader.

Have a nice night.

Well, there are a few solutions.

The first is check if her computer is vulnerable to Eternalblue. Remote code execution, AV is usually pretty crap to find it.

The second is dual boot and modify the SAM registry, or use OPHcrack and hashcat to crack her passwords.
The third is get a f**ing divorce. If you can't trust her, wtf are you doing with her?

I didn't see any mention of booting WIN10 usb, going to prompt, replacing sethc with cmd, enable super admin, profit, clear logs, disable super admin, party.

Wow, an interesting idea to use out. Will definitely try it!

I've had a hackintosh for about 10 years now and for some reason the USB keyboard has been giving me trouble. I thought it was the MB, so I installed Windows 7 for the same MB that was running macOS. The USB mouse is giving me trouble (cutting in and out).

Someone suggested to use the other USB set (the board has 2 USB banks), and also suggested that I try the PS/2 ports for the mouse/keyboard.

Q. Does the PS/2 ports work on a different channel than the USB does so that if my USB doesn't work under macOS, then maybe the PS/2 will?

Is there any USB 3/3.1 PCIe cards that work with macOS?

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