Forum Thread: I Want to Hack in to My Friends System Through his wifi router i am controlling

recently i went to his room i connected to his wifi network he gave me the password,i tried to open wifi control panel luckily he left with default username and password.

i opened the control panel started remote management on in his router so i can access his router from my system. i got access to his wifi router now

now i want to enter in to his system is it possible?

Target Router:Netgear N300 wireless router model JWNR2000v2
Target Operating System: windows 7
No Antivirus installed in his system he is using microsoft security essentials
i am out of his wifi range but if needed i can get within his wifi range

is there any way to enter his system

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well you don't have the permission of him for accessing his system that why its a black-hat activity.
NullByte is where you learn about hacking but its only for white hat use.
in other word and the white hat hacker playground where they learn about cyber security.

nobody will help you if you are attempting a cyber crime.if you have any other question you can always ask on the forms but only if you have the permission to access that system.


thank you LIGHTNING i respect what you said
but here i am doing with his permission only after he said it is not possible to enter in to his system

for you information we both are computer science students studying in the same college and staying in the same hostel but in different rooms

i can physically access his laptop with his permission and execute the payload(he definitely don't mind) but i want to learn many things, is it possible to access his system through wifi control panel and how it happens.

nothing serious (even i can bring his laptop to my room also)

its not about i hacked his system its about what i learned.

even though if i really wanna hack someone then i shouldn't be using my name to ask questions here(the name you see is my real name)

it will be much appreciable if you share your knowledge with me

Thank You

Well in that case you can use MITM for hooking the browser using beef there is a great tutorial written by Cracker|Hacker.

If you don't know how to use beef.Sir OTW has written great a series on beef

After Successfully hooking the browser use can Metasploit in beef to get remote access to that system here is the tutorial that i found it on google


Couldn't have said it better :)


If he is a computer science student he likely isn't using a vulnerable browser so MITMf wont be very effective.

I would set his IP as a dmz so that all his ports are opened and plant a listener that way. Or you could add a DNS entry that redirects him to a driveby site when visited.

Or, my favorite, add a captive portal that requires an "update" (your payload) to connect to the Internet.

probably out of question but how do i start im a begginer and i want to be a hacker also but i also want to stay anonumouse but im pretty sure iim haack some how so how would i confirmed please help

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