Forum Thread: How to Boot Up Kali Linux via USB

So I downloaded the ISO file for a 64bit Kali Linux. I then burnt it to a 3.0 USB which was completed. When i turned the computer off and back on again an hit f12 in an attempt to re order the boot sequence to USB (or in my case i had USB/Floppy disk and USB Hard Drive along with windows boot and a few other boots) It does not actually load kali linux it just loads my windows 10 as normal. I changed this and attempted to turn of my secure boot in the hopes that would help and again it just booted my normal windows 10 OS.

I have definitely burned it on the USB correctly as i can access it in a command style prompt window but It will not load in my boot up and cant think why. I am currently using a HP ENVY-700 desktop. I have noticed that other people that have posted videos have a completely different BIOS screen than i do and i cant seem to find the right option to ensure it loads from my USB.

The USB i am using is a San Disk Ultra USB 3.0 FLASH DRIVE. Just in case but i doubt that would be the problem. Please if someone can help as i have scowered the BIOS under every tab and cant resurrect the problem

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