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Kali Linux Not Boot/Grub Loader Missing

Ever since I install Kali Linux on Windows 10, for some reason I cannot boot Kali Linux after the installation. I was wondering why and did some research. I found out that I was missing grub loader in order to dual boot. I tried everything from typing commands from Kali Live to downloading programs such as EasyBCD. I have Legacy Boot Enabled and disabled Secure Boot on BIOS. Here is what I did so far:

1- Downloaded the Kali the ISO from the official website.
2-Formatted my USB using Rufus.
3-Created a bootable USB with the Kali in it using Win32 Disk Imager.
4-Shrinked one of my existing partitions(with no data in it) just for Kali with 40 GB of free space.
5-Disabled the Secure Boot Mode and Enabled Legacy Boot in BIOS.
6-Booted from the USB and run the Graphic installation.
7-Followed the installation prompt with the basic stuff(language, root pasword,...)
8-I did a manual installation: I did 2 GB for /boot, 15 GB for / , 20 GB for /home, and 2 GB for swap area.
9-Write the changes to Disks? Yes.
10-Use a network mirror? No.
11-Install the GRUB boot loader to the master boot record? Yes.
12-For the grub-install part, I saw that /boot portion number was #6 so I typed /dev/sda6.
13-Removed USB from computer.
14-Finished the installation for Kali Linux.

Where did I go wrong? What do I need to do? Do I need to change anything? I am also new to this community so sorry if I did something wrong or did not include anything. Thanks!

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