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I have decided to create an account here as I believe asking questions, instead of just lurking, will speed up my learning. I am not a newbie when it comes to computers, but security/hacking is something completely new to me and I am really excited to learn more about it :)

I have a few questions to begin with.

At the moment I am running Kali in VMware and I am wondering whether it is the best choice. I dual-boot Windows 7/Linux Mint and I was thinking that maybe I could install Kali on my SSD too. But what are the advantages of doing so? I have the TP-LINK TL-WN722N so Wi-Fi is working in VM.

Also, what is a safe way to remove Linux Mint and install a different distro in that place? Messing with partitions and bootloaders always scares me. I have the OS paritions and personal files backups anyway, but I don't want to waste time for fixing what I may break. Or maybe I should break it, at least I would learn something new.

Next question is about Kali on Raspberry Pi. Can I install and connect to it by using only SSH? Anyone tried it? I know it is possible with Raspbian. Right now all I have is my laptop (no display with HDMI, no keyboard) so I can't configure it normally.

Thank you in advance for your answers and also for the great tutorials you got here. I will begin with the Linux Basics series to fill the gaps. Then I will think what to do next, there is so much I want to learn.


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First I want to say welcome! This community is great and helpful.

With removing linux mint you could format that partition, like you said partitioning can be scary to someone who doesn't know what they are doing. I would use Gparted on a live USB since it shows more details and you can tell the difference between Windows (Its NTFS) and Linux (probably ex4).

I never heard about installing Raspbian over SSH. Interesting...

After you feel confident with Linux I would suggest finding a subject you find interesting and learning that first.

Thanks. I will try Gparted out. I have yet to find a distro I would want to stick with. I would like to ditch Windows altogether, but there is always something that annoys me in Linux and doesn't work as I would like it to.

Here is a link about headless installation of Raspbian:

And once I used "headless" as a keyword I found an article about Kali too

I understand not wanting to get rid of windows. It really depends on if you NEED windows or not. Also if you want a distro made for desktops try out Zorin OS or Solus

On the difference between VM and dual-boot. Running in a VM is slower and can limit the capabilities of Kali in some instances. Whereas dual-booting can fully unchain Kali, making it faster and giving it full capabilities.


What particular capabilities you have in mind? I know that virtualization is slower, well I think I'll just try it out outside of a VM and see for myself.

I am also curious how you guys are using Kali. VM, dual-boot from your main drive or maybe Live USB with persistence?

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