Forum Thread: Metasploit Link, for Remote Access

So recently i've been reading the metasploit tutorials, and i have a question, how can i make a link, malicious link for a REMOTE COMPUTER (out of lan) or privileged escalation !!! and then, let's say mask that link, for example from to

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If you can ARP poison the target's network to route traffic through you and then re-route their DNS requests to your own DNS server in which you return your own IP for DNS requests for specific domains, and make sure your server can handle web requests for arbitrary URLs appropriately, then yes. That said, I'm not sure if metasploit can do all that for you.

First of all THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Now how about only making a link to exploit an ip out of lan, so he open that link, or maybe java applet link and then i get meterpreter session, can i do that, if yes how?


Check out my Metasploit tutorials to do this hack.

Ok checking them now.

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