Forum Thread: My Bluetooth on Linux Doesnt Work?

I'm using Kali Linux on a Oracle VM VirtualBox, I can't turn my bluetooth on,it says :
But I already have bluetooth on my laptop.Please help!!!

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So you are using a laptop with a kali vm?
Does your Laptop support bluetooth?
What laptop are you using?
What bluetooth card does your laptop use?
Is the bluetooth card built-in or a dongle?
If it's a dongle,have you "inserted" it to the vm?
Have you tried "$ apt-get update && apt-get full-upgrade"?
Send the output of "$ hciconfig -a"!
Have you installed the latest version of virtualbox?
Is your host system fully updated?
Have you tried downloading drivers for your bluetooth chip on your kali vm?

You have provided WAY to few information in this thread!

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