Forum Thread: Need Help Getting Proxys to Work on Kali Linux :( (Noob)

So I just downloaded Kali Linux and starting off with some tutorials and I can literally not figure out why this is happening, These is what i have done in following the tutorial exactly.

  1. Removed the # for the Dynamic_Chain
  2. Removed the # on the Proxy DNS Request - no leak for DNS data proxy_dns
  3. add the new proxy under socks4 9050

to socks5 9050

After this I run service tor statues , which prompts unit tor. service could not be found.

so on and so fourth. I clear that then type proxychains firefox and I get a webpage saying it cant be found

also in the terminal a ton of repeats of !!!need more proxies!!! also added saying that doesnt exist.

Does ANYONE know what I could do to fix this? did I miss up someplace earlier in the terminal. Sorry this isnt the best of help understanding I dont know how to post pictures or else I would.

Any help would be appreciated.
Like I said im a complete Noob to this.


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