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I'm new to Linux and I decided to do a course on ethical hacking but realized about half way in that I have no idea how to navigate my way in the Terminal Let alone kali Linux...

I'm just trying to figure out the best approach for a newbie who's Very interested in hacking,but doesnt know anyone who can.


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First take course on basic Linux.
You can also search Google for free resources.

if you are interested in pentesting {ethical hacking } . try to study courses in kali ... or you can get free resources in online too... all the best

Try to buy a complete course on any topic on Udemy. Many Tutorials are also available on YouTube. All of that, just require some research.

My suggestion : Do a complete course on Computer Sciences, for Beginner to Advanced stuff. Remember one thing, Every Hacker is a Programmer, but not every Programmer is a hacker. Try to become a good Programmer first, in whatever language you choose, like Python, Java, JS etc. It all depends on your field and your personal interests.

If you have Passion and interest, nothing can stop u from learning. Only you have to take the 1st-Step.

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