Forum Thread: I Need Help in Hacking a Gmail Account.

A relative of mine just got deceased and i need to access his gmail account. I have requested access from Google but I haven't gotten any response. I tried some other tricks to get into the account but they aren't working out. Is there a way I could access this gmail account. Thanks

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I am sorry for the loss...
Was the account liked to his smartphone?

Yeah it was, but his smartphone was stolen.

Your best way in is through google, besides what you have already tried you probably won't have much luck as their honestly isn't much else you can do. Maybe access his personal computer and see if he had the password saved?


I tested the tricks on this website but it does not seem to work out.

Any suggestions?

Use BeEF to hook his browser.

Thanks OTW.

Just read about BeEF and it seems like a very powerful tool(would be extremely useful someday). But i don't think it would assist me in solving my current problem because the owner of the gmail account is deceased and BeEF requires the victim to be alive and well.

Thought about spear phishing, but that also would not work because of obvious reasons.
Any thoughts.

Use one of the following: Hydra, Cain and Abel, or John the ripper

You can't brute force gmail.

pls tell me how can i hack someone's googgle account password on windows 10

i can inly hack games and wifi codes not gmail passwords pls tell me how can i hack gmail account i am tired of searching how to hack someones gmail account 2020 pls tell mr we well be friends??????

use Kali Linux
use BruteSploit
but you need proxy list

With a death certificate and proof of relation, I don't see why Google would have a problem helping you out. Just a matter of being able to contact them!

Sorry for your loss...

Contacted them already, but i haven't gotten any response.

Anything to do with your trying to track a cell phone with imei post from 3 days ago?

I have never had one problem contacting Google about anything.

How about certified mail to them, like it looked real and legit?

Yeah it does...certified mail? What do you mean?

Sadly, null byte is not a place for people to hack for you. I am sorry for your loss. If you needed to gain access to his account, I would call or email google and they could go through some kind of verification process with you.

When you contacted Google, did you use the official submission form? You can request to close the account and/or obtain data from it. The review process could take a while, so you just might need to be patient.

u can try sniffing his network / running keylogger / use specific msf payloads to hijack his password / using beef ...

or if u didn't pwned his computer.. try to get his ip adress and scan his computer with nexpose / nmap for vulns or use NSE..

if you can not pwn his computer try to find the max possible information about his gmail account and try account recuperatio..

That's all the ways for his gmail ;)

Did you read any of the post or comments?

If strangers are signing in to your Google accounts, then those Google accounts are compromised.

It is not possible for someone to create their own Google account using any email address they choose - these addresses are all verified. So it isn't possible for someone to create a Google account using an address that belongs to you, because you would have been sent an email asking to verify the creation of the account. You would not, of course, have responded to any request.

If you had all your recovery options set up correctly, you should be able to recover access to your account by starting here:

Don't use hydra smtp bruteforce method wont work gmail blocks it.

check that from which phone number or another gmail account did your relative had made this account and if you find that then from that you can get access to your relative account..........

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