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as you can see bros...on this screenshot my inet (ip address) is not shown on my other wireless card which is capable of monitoring the WiFi (wlan0)

and here on my second screenshot you will notice that i can only connect in wired but not in a wifi connection! and be sure to check my 3rd screenshot too!!

And now here on my last screenshot you can see that i cant even search any WiFi
nor when eth0 is up and nor on wlan0(even when not in monitor mode)
No wifi is shown
i dont know what to do...

And hello!
nice to meet you!
i am Amie
a 16 year old girl interested in Kali Linux.. ;p
Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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oracle dear bro....any idea how do i connect to wireless?
well i have the ryt adapter just i dont know whats missing
maybe the drivers
but i downloaded compat wireless of 2010 by watching from youtube...

I think your not installing drivers and if your adapter is "just connect and use " you may be not enabling your adapter from your machine setting on oracle this two only can be the reasons.

okay...can you pleasse show me how to do it bro?

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