Forum Thread: Hidden Wifi How to Find One?

I want to know how to find a "hidden" wifi. By hidden i mean this: Yesterday when i was at my school where there also are some school laptops. The laptops had a special wifi named "(school name) cert" however i can't find the network on my own pc which my school have another wifi for (for home pc's). How can it be I can't find a wifi which signal is there but it's name don't show up so I can't connect to it? I would like some explaination on how it is done too if someone knows.

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There is an option on routers to not broadcast their SSID (name). It's possible to connect to these networks, for example using Windows 7's internet connection wizard.


Even if the SSID is turned off, the beacon sent out from the AP still include the name and BSSID of the AP. You can see al that info by using the aircrack-ng suite of tools.

Well basically using airodump-ng you could see all the signals with the hidden ones included too because they too emit signals

So i can just use aircrack or airodump to find them and then connect using a internet connection wizard. However just a question isn't the SSID the name you see of networks when you just see a list of networks? Because then i already got it i know the name "(schoolname) cert" which it appears under using a school pc.

They might be broadcasting on a higher channel, so If you have controll over your network card try setting it to channels 12 and higher.

I would go with @Seeker you can always find out the hidden networks around you.. airodump-ng mon0 and some resullts will be as <length> =0 or <length> =12 so.. these are the hidden wireless networks.. you can also find out the ssid of these and crack them !!

Exactly xD but you will have to connect using the terminal as they wont be visible from the network manager

Thank you guys now i understand.

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