Forum Thread: OK I'm Nearly Finished with Linux Basics Which "How-to" Series Next?

Hi everyone - I'm loving this site, I finally feel like I am getting somewhere in the often overwhelming world of Hacking.

Anyways, I have nearly finished the Linux basics How-to series and was wondering which series to work through next? I have Kali installed and am ready to go but i don't want to try to run before i can walk with it : )

Are there any go-to applications i should start with? also the Linux Basics Part 11 Apache web servers finishes with a promise to carry on with PHP and MySql to learn website and database hacking but i cannot find any further episodes... I feel this would have been a perfect way to introduce noobs to the tools and techniques to get started.

Thanks in advance for any further advice, cheers!


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OTW recommends this order : link
Skip the backtrack parts as it is an old post but then carry on with the reconnaissance.
All credit goes to OTW.

Awesomesauce - cheers pal!

No Problem. Any more questions, just ask :)

i would go for reconaissance. but keep in mind that Null Byte is not the only place to learn hacking! there is also this great website that teaches really important courses and it is FREE!


Many thanks - yeah the Pen Testing course looks decent cheers dude!

I would recommend the Kali Basics or Metasploit Basics next. You can benefit a lot from those.

Thanks pal : )

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