Forum Thread: OK I'm Nearly Finished with Linux Basics Which "How-to" Series Next?

Hi everyone - I'm loving this site, I finally feel like I am getting somewhere in the often overwhelming world of Hacking.

Anyways, I have nearly finished the Linux basics How-to series and was wondering which series to work through next? I have Kali installed and am ready to go but i don't want to try to run before i can walk with it : )

Are there any go-to applications i should start with? also the Linux Basics Part 11 Apache web servers finishes with a promise to carry on with PHP and MySql to learn website and database hacking but i cannot find any further episodes... I feel this would have been a perfect way to introduce noobs to the tools and techniques to get started.

Thanks in advance for any further advice, cheers!


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OTW recommends this order : link
Skip the backtrack parts as it is an old post but then carry on with the reconnaissance.
All credit goes to OTW.

Awesomesauce - cheers pal!

No Problem. Any more questions, just ask :)

I would recommend the Kali Basics or Metasploit Basics next. You can benefit a lot from those.

Thanks pal : )

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