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  1. I don't think
  2. Yes, it will cover your IP (disguise would be a better term)
  3. Yes, it will work just like it did for me and the other 5-10M people
  4. It depends on how much you need it and if your goal is to obtain TOR


I need it to cover/disguise IP address on meterpreter session.

I wouldn't only use TOR for this, proxies are the best.

This post would be super useful for you. OTW does have a point that Tor isn't perfect but each bit of security you could add helps tons.

ToR is useful to keep from being spied on en masse, but does little good if you are slected for individual surveillance.

I agree, it is exceeding slow unless you connect to one of NSA's ToR routers. Then, it is really fast!

For me, it doesn't work. Takes forever to connect.

-The Joker

Yeah, but what to use to disguise IP if not proxy?

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