Forum Thread: Tor Web Browser- Is It Decent for Everyday Use?

I watch videos on YouTube with Tor but I have to turn down the security level, also for some other websites as well. Do you guys also do this? How do you live with the constant CAPTCHAs and weirdly loaded, glitchy web pages?

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Thanks in advance you guys are so helpful! <3

Also, many pages won't load at all.

Tor usually uses the NoScript extension so JavaScript doesn't load. Why do you want to stay anonymous for YouTube, btw? I mean, I see no reason to stay anon for YT or any other normal sites.

Tor is horrible for everyday use. If you want to be hidden, use a VPN.

Use Tor only if you MUST encrypt all your traffic or if you are trying to get to .onion sites.

The problem is that I have no money for a vpn and I can't find anything good that's free. :(

Note: ibVPN does log with data, location and other stuff. They are legally obliged to give this information up.

Quote: We do not keep logs with our users' activity. We will however record and keep the following data for 7 days: Time, date and location VPN connection was made._

HAHA IT WORKED thank you so much I luv u haha <3 ^o^

I downloaded the configuration files but I don't see ca.crt in it like in the tutorial

I'm having some trouble .-.

Okay I'm trying to configure it right now. Thanks! :D

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