Forum Thread: A Username Change

In case you didn't notice, I'm The Joker from earlier.

Before you say anything about how changing a username can be dishonourable to me, I have reasons for doing this.

And well...I am no longer wanting to go by a fictional character. Perhaps some time ago I was, but now my interests are nowhere near to him. That was not so great a villain as I once said. He was just an immortal puppet of a comic book publisher.

Also, a concept that has truly been immortal and is not dependant on popularity of a piece, is better. After all, The Joker dies after timeline of comics.

It was something too generic. I realised apparently how popular Batman is, and am not willing to go with either the pros or cons of it.

I am going to change the picture soon.

I wonder why I'm writing this way and not in my normal style. And I also know how strange this will read. But that's how it is coming out of my brain right now.

Perhaps the best reason would be that I am no longer interested in acting as a fictional character I know almost nothing about, and leaving the role to someone who's actually interested and knows about it. While I promote myself to a concept.

And now, I'm Chaos. I won't change the signature from my older comments to avoid any confusion. And I wonder what I will use as a signature at the end of my posts, perhaps images of some agents of mine, just like before.

As always, I will reply to every question.

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Apparently, some questions are TOO specific and yet vague that we (the community) can't really answer. I guess you should have given some screenshots along with error logs, at least.


i have a suggestion for your new display pic...

Image via

and if you dont get that reference im sorry you missed out on a childhood.

Perhaps I don't get the reference. I guess I can remember it, but the memory is too vague.

Perhaps I did miss out a lot, but I don't remember almost everything I watched in my childhood.

From the Cartoon Network logo, I guess it was some show from when I stopped watching the channel in favour of other funnier channels, as I was young.

And now owing to their massive amount of plotholes, I've stopped watching cartoons altogether (almost), though sometimes I don't mind them, especially if they're well thought or, at least, good enough.

~Chaos (PS: I'll change the pic to something astract that conveys the meaning sometime later, my guess is during the summer this year)

Yeah screen shots .

Having problems to upload them because of I am using the site on my phone I like if the sit have an app that will be better.

But on that laptop it's so good to have the sit on.

Believe me, if sir OTW couldn't solve it, it was too vague. There should be enough to build upon to solve any error, and that's what those messages and error logs are for.


I respect your choice in changing your Username. I like your new user name better now anyways, and when you think about it a user name change does nothing really, I mean you still carry the skills you did for hacking when you were "TheJoker".

Thanks, but I still know nothing about hacking, at least not in practical terms. Though it is a certainty set in stone that I shall learn it sometime after I'm free from school. And in my free time in between. For now, my knowledge in theory is all that I have, except the ability to gain more.


That's what I thought when I first saw you sign your posts as the Joker... that it is representative of a particular image (which I actually like), but it's not original since we each honour ourselves by walking our own path.

Really, no name is original, but we don't have a choice do we? The blanks need to be filled in.
Besides, it's not what you wear, but how you wear it.

Regarding identity: It's only after all the things that we identify with have been stripped away from us, that we are then truly able to find ourselves <--well hopefully it's a self and not selves :P

-image taken from a scene, from the film Suspect Zero.

Yes, similar were my thoughts when I considered that I don't want to identify myself by a fictional character, which is just a product from a company, and has changed a lot throughout the years.

And the fear from clowns is actually irrational, along with everything from Joker. I'd rather create my own character to identify myself, someone more powerful and independent. That's petty much what I did, I'm not a fan of irrational pieces anyway.

It's only that I was convinced that Joker is actually very rational, until I made it out by myself in these days.


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