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Okay, I know this sounds a little stupid, but how do you change the "root@kali" to "root@yourchoice" username?

Also, does anybody have any tips for increasing performance on kali? sometimes, firefox crashes under 2 tabs.

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You have to change your computer's name. You have to go to settings and then to details, and then you have to go to information. There you can change it to whatever you wan't.

For your second question:
How much ram and cpu have you given to your Kali machine? Linux Kali recomms 2 gb of Ram and 4 cores.

Hope I could help you.

Is there a way to change the computers name through a command in terminal? Because I use Kali Linux on my Raspberry Pi and it doesn't show the section "details" or "Information" when I go to settings. So my only option is to change the computersname via terminal. Do you know how to do that? Thank you

hostname <Foo>
With sudo if needed
sudo hostname <Bar>

You can change the username by this commands prefer to not to run it on root ...
sudo usermod -l YOURCHOICE -d /home/YOURCHOICE -m CurrentName
If there was any issues like:
The user currently under process (GIVENNUMBER)
Then use...
kill -9 GIVENNUMBER && sudo usermod -l YOURCHOICE -d /home/YOURCHOICE -m CurrentName

If this issue still preventing then I prefer to use another user

*Just open Terminal and type

hostname -b yourname

and press enter and restart your machine and terminal....

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