Forum Thread: How to Deploy VMware Workstation 11 Host-Only Networking with Kali Linux (Guest) And Windows 8.1 (Host)

I've been trying to set-up a host-only network between my Virtual machine Linux (Guest) and Windows 8.1 (Host) to share Internet connection of Linux VM with Windows 8.1 host. internet connection is in VM and i want to bring it to host computer and from there share it between other computers using ICS.

i tried to disable any ICS that was already running in my host Windows and then in VMware workstation settings, network adapters settings, set the network to host-only and i know that it will enable host-only network on VMnet 1 (Virtual network adapter). so i successfully connected to internet in my Linux VM but there was no internet connection coming to my Windows host through VMnet 1.

does anyone know how to get it done the right way? thank you

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how do i delete it? i think i posted in the wrong section

I don't understand why you want to make it so complicated. The host shares ethernet simulated connection with the guest. Can you give us more informations? Where does this connection come from?

i'm getting my connection from another AP wirelessly so the internet first comes to my guest VM because in Linux i have configured my TX power to work at higher power with my antenna.

Do not post multiple threads with the exact same subject matter.


sorry i was new here and i thought i should post my question in "How to" section but that is for tutorials so i posted it on forums too and there is no delete button

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