Forum Thread: TP-LINK WN822N Wireless USB Adapter Not Getting Detected in Kali Linux

I bought TP-LINK TL-WN822N wireless USB adapter to get the wireless connections on Kali Linux which is installed on Virtual Box hosted on Windows 7.

But it is not getting detected in Kali linux. i have already added the device into the Virtual Box USB device filter list, still no luck.

The device is working fine on my host machine which is windows 7, but not working at all on Kali Linux.

Any advice will be of great help.

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Try installing the wifi adapter drivers first


I'm having the same problems with my Kali install on my raspberry pi. It will not recognize my TP LINK TL-WN822N V2. I see in the bootlog it quits with errorcode -2 and something about firmware not being recognized. lsmod shows the ATH9K modules active... I found some solutions in different fora but they all link to dead downloads for something called "orbit" and "linux wireless"... Anyone know how to solve this?? I have exactly the same problem for my other high gain WIFI dongle (RTL8191SU). Any suggestions on how to activate it/them??

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