Forum Thread: What Language Should I Learn?

Please tell me what language i should learn so that i am able to write exploits payloads and scripts.
I know C,C++

i have been through some articles but i dont get what is the exact name called for exploit writing or payload wiriting,.. because i know basic c and c++.

And to make exploits and payload do i have to learn socket programming or network programming, or is it called virus programming. please tell me the exact term so that i can learn it.

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For exploit wriring, you'd want to pick up ruby.

This looks like a duplicate question I've seen not longer that 2 days ago, but now I can't find anymore... I remember that I suggested you look into ASM if you want to write your own shellcode (exploit payload), Not sure what you mean with 'scripts'... it's a general term, but it might refer to ' post exploitation script'. Make it clear on this one.

For the shellcode, there are a lot of tutorials on 'how to write a shellcode', some teach from the ground up with assembler, some start from writing a program in c (that's something you know...), compiling it, and breaking down their instruction with a disassembler or debugger to a minimal few bytes shellcode.

Basic knowledge of sockets is mandatory, but you can learn as you go.

Can't i use C/C++ to write exploits?

LOL. hahaha :D

Thanks everyone for their suggestions

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