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My question is: how much of a programming language does one need to know to move on to another language or to start learning how to hack? Do I need to master the language or can I just know the basics like syntax, functions, arrays, etc.

Sorry if this question sounds stupid, I am new to this field.

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You should really master your first language believe me can be hard on beginning but it's rewarding once you finally got into it why do i think this ? Well say you completely learned python, and want to move on something more serious, well that serious could be a lot easier if you master your first language fully and then continue to second language, because you get real logic of programming and it will go with your hand

And when we are discussing hacking, in general it's not just programming but when you already mentioned programming i won't spoil any other topic than just that...

But it all depends on what you are trying to hack into, if it's computer you should be looking for creating various tools with python,C#,C++ (They also can be used for web design) but if you are interested in web sites then html,php,css it all depends on you.

The more you learn the more chances you will be getting to spot a security flaw that you can exploit, so in my opinion i would master one language first then continue with other things, and btw i don't really recommend learning 2 languages at the same time it can get confusing

Thanks for reading

So master the first then move on to networking for example or should I learn more languages before I move on to other topics ?

If you want to advance yourself with spotting security flaw in some website for instance, (PS:you will rarely see only one language that is used for popular websites nowadays,developers usually mix up 2-4 different languages to advance speed/security) then learn more than 1 language and after that move on networking if you want, if not, be simple and resume with other topics after mastering one programming language

Keep in mind that there is no possible shortcut for good hacker, and believe me to learn all that stuff you will need a lot of time but as you proceed with non-stop learning you will feel more power,and never actually stop learning there will be always new and stronger security however you look,and btw hacking can be really rewarding and it can get you respected by many people of course if you use your skills for good

Thank you for the advice! :)

Like others have said, it depends on what your hacking. If your trying to learn how to exploit webpages it may be fit to learn HTML, Java, and CSS all kind of together as a collective group since they go hand in hand. If your trying to hack via software or exploiting operating systems I would head with python, C#, C++, etc. and master each one at a time. To really master a language and be a master at it it may take a year or more, or only a couple months depending on the person.

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