Forum Thread: Which Programming Language Should I Learn First ?

What Programming Language Should I Learn First ? I am quite new in programming and hacking. So from where I have to start and which programming language is best for developing software's as well as developing operating system

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You can start with simple syntax on languages like Java, Python...

Then I recommend to learn C which being a high level language, has many features of a low level language (and is widely used in the development of operating systems) and for that reason let you know better how a computer works. There are pretty articles on Python, and C/C++ to get started here on NullByte, just type on the search box.

Go for python first because iTS a Nice beginner language and you can use it on any platform

After you know python I should go for c# or c/c++ but keep in mine that c/c++ are a bit more difficult

since you want to develop what usually require a very effective programming language, I would go with C++ since it's very efficient and widely used in the area you are seeking. I wouldn't say C or C++ is a high level language, however if you arent determined to learn it, it can definitely come off as such.

happy learning.

Python is quick and easy high level language (meaning its very human readable) that still gives the programmer a good amount of power. C++ is lower level than Python but understanding it will make Python seem like a breeze. Also, shellcode (something that every payload has) is only understandable if you have a good idea of C++ and a bit of assembly. Basically, Python is a good scripting language to know and C++ is a good compiled language to know.

Maybe we should learn C first and then it will be easy to learn C++,do u think so? I wonder what benefits we will get by learning C (because u say shellcode can be understandable if we learn C++)...

This should be the sequence acc to me

  1. C
  2. C++
  3. Python
  4. Java


If you mate just starting with programming I would recommend go for Python. It's easy to learn , very flexible(you can do almost anything with it and very easily unlike in c/c++).you will learn all the concepts and that'll make learning other languages much easier. After that go for c, followed by c++( almost same as c just a little syntax change and some new features) .

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