Forum Thread: How to Hack Some One via His Ip and Open Port

hi i was thinking how i can hack some one outside of my network via his ip and knowing some of his open ports probebly with metasploit

was thinking on search what runs that port and exploit it
but lets say i know my target 4444 port is open
how to exploit it
tnx for answer <3

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2 Responses

well you remeber that old exploit that was in win xp that you only need the ip to start a meter preter session btw what os is the victime on

I wouldnt't really suggest this to anyone who knows what they're doing but you obviously dont, so i highly recommend that you download the sn1per advanced recon tool, its also automated but will perform a very serious amount of tests, nmaps, sub-dir name it. You can download the open source tool on git hubs repo, but just dont forget to donate to the developers, too many script kiddies taking credit for hacks that were performed with their tools in the first place. and ofcourse you'll need to set up portforwarding on your ISPs router or use ./ngrok <http/tcp> <port:4444> to forward the traffic. I recommend you read the kali linux for beginners.

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