Forum Thread: How to Bind Msf Android Payload to Legitime App?

I have take the source code of metasploit android payload
i have make it fud by change package folder
i change icon and name
i make it persistance also
but my problem is how i can bind it to another app?

i make some progress but when i install the app on my phone i see 2 apps the one is the normal app and the other is the msf payload

any help?

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1 Response

honestly speaking, NO ONE is going to give you the answer...No one can convince me that the great minds of null byte don't know the answer..that's impossible. They know and they can answer you, but they certainly have their reasons for not doing so, and I personally understand that...if an exploit becomes known by everyone, especially script kiddies, at some point in time it will lose its value and security companies will find the solution to stop it.

I know how to backdoor a legitimate apk, I figured it out myself after I tried searching and asking everywhere including null byte... the answer is here

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