Forum Thread: Embed Metasploit Payload Not Work with webcam_snap

Hello all. I bind metasploit payload in an original apk called makifacebook.apk. All meterpreter commands work except webcamsnap. When I run webcamsnap , the apk exit and meterpreter shows Meterpreter session 1 closed. Reason: Died. Please help me.

apktool version --> 2.4.1
android version --> 7.1.2
MIUI version --> 10.3.2
computer os --> ubuntu 18.04

embed apk link -->

original apk (makifacebook) link -->

payload apk (created with msfvenom) -->

permission on android -->

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I also face the same problem not only in embedded apk file but also in hacking android over wan but I used ngrok(instead of port forwarding). To solve this I spent two weeks to find answer but I would not. Null Byte if you found answer for this please make a video

I found solution Null Byte. Don't use command msfconsole -q. instead use command msfconsole alone it works perfectly

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