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Let me start by saying I'm a complete noobie with kali and linux in general. I figure there's no point in learning how to operate Kali unless i first Learn how to become anonymous. I've configured proxychains and it seems to work fine until i enable dns proxy. I've read every tutorial i could find, followed every suggestion but the dns proxy absolutely will not work. Ive enabled dns tcp proxy in the dns config (not proxyresolv) I've added port 9050 to the dig part of proxyresolv( along with any other port i thought might work). I restart tor every time, I've restarted networkmanager, added as the dns to be resolved. Should i be putting the dns that points to? Ive read that socks4 does not resolve dns so i assume that wouldn't work. The output is usually something along the lines of saying every website does not exist which makes me think that..

  1. There's a typo somewhere.
  2. It's saying these websites don't exist because it's not actually connecting to the internet.

I have a loopback interface running im wondering if that is causing the problem? I've tried to disable it but it says no such device although ifconfig clearly shows it. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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Holy cow i figured it out. After typing it out it became clear i needed to add a dns proxy and not my proxy lol the answer was in the details. Thanks anyways.

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